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Serving clients with marketing creative and industry specific development services.

Fresh Ideas and Actionable Marketing Creative For Brands, Businesses, Campaigns and Professionals.

CWI provides Writing, Design, Video, Web, Social and E-Learning.


For Wine and Spirits businesses, Victory offers industry experience in sales and distribution, combined with a network of creative marketing, digital advertising and product activation resources and expertise.

For Sales and Distribution, CONTACT: Al Vrooman

For Marketing and Development: CONTACT: Michael Shoer


Businesses and Projects in Development

Are you interested in getting involved in one of these developing businesses?


CWI Ventures was founded in 2015 at Atlanta Tech Village as a way to connect start-up founders in residence with CWI’S marketing services and access to angel investors.

We review 3 to 4 new start-up applications per month.  If you are a start-up in need of help developing your brand story, or your investor pitch or perhaps some early stage market validation, you are invited to apply via F6S.


Michael Shoer

Michael Shoer


CWI Ventures was created by Michael Shoer to help entrepreneurs and their young companies create a more compelling case for growth, potential valuation and to help present and make introductions to prospective investors.

Today these services are also offered to growth companies, and CWI Ventures LLC has a pending or converted interest in a number of these companies.

Among the companies Michael remains actively involved in leading– the marketing creative production group, CWI and Victory Spirits Development, a partnership providing sales development, brand strategy and marketing activation services to craft and emerging wine and spirits brands.


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